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House of Zodiac stands as a beacon in the international music scene, not just as a label, but as a HOME. With acclaimed artists like Diana, MAÄV, Freddie Elmberg, and Shayan under our roof, we represent more than just music; we encapsulate a family.

Our mission is to forge a sanctuary for genuine talent, creating a space where artists from every corner of the globe can unite, learn, and flourish. Here, music isn't just an art form, but a shared language of passion, dreams, and ambition.

To those who have danced to our beats, hummed along with our melodies, or felt touched by our words - thank you. Your appreciation fuels our drive, and we're eternally grateful to share our world of music with you.

For the true artists searching for a genuine home, yearning for collaboration, and aiming for greatness - House of Zodiac awaits. Join us, and let's make harmonies that echo across continents.

Where Genuine Talent Finds Its Home

Everywhere You Listen, We're There!

At House of Zodiac, we pride ourselves on being where you are. Whether you're tuned into Spotify on your morning jog, or finding solace in a YouTube playlist late at night, our music is just a click away on all major streaming platforms. We believe in the power of accessibility, ensuring that our sounds reach you wherever you may be.

But our commitment doesn't end with music streaming. Our vast expertise spans across the spectrum of the arts – from the electrifying creativity of music video production to the precision of studio recording. We breathe life into music production, capturing the very essence of sound and vision.

No matter the medium, House of Zodiac ensures that every note, every frame, every beat is curated with passion. Dive into our world, and let's create art that resonates.

A spotify screenshot of the song The Bouncer by Freddie Elmberg
Spotify sceenshot of the song need. by Diana and Freddie Elmberg
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178 Countries

2M+ Listeners

This achievement isn't just numbers on a screen; it represents a worldwide family bound by the love of music.


Logo of the song Need. by Diana and Freddie Elmberg

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